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Winter Driving Safety From A Race Car Pro

Natalie Cioffari
Race car driver and driving instructor Stephan Bastrzycki discusses winter driving safety at Lime Rock Park in Lakeville, Conn., on Tuesday. WSHU's Anthony Moatan stands beside the Chevrolet Equinox he and Bastrzycki took around Lime Rock's racecourse.

On Tuesday at Lime Rock Park in Litchfield County, Chevrolet gave WSHU’s Anthony Moatan the opportunity to drive recklessly in the snow without fear of police tickets or higher insurance rates.

Moaton went for a ride in a red Chevy Equinox with professional race car driver and driving instructor Stephan Bastrzycki, who gave him advice on how best to navigate messy winter roads.

“It’s always great to learn what your car is capable of, what you should and shouldn’t do, and to learn what the limits are,” said Bastrzycki.

This course sponsored by Chevy happens once a year. It covers a range of topics, from how to drive across melting ice, to how to steer if you lose control of the tires.

Bastrzycki says that one of the biggest mistakes drivers make is when they don’t look further than the hood of the car.

“The further ahead you look, the better you’re gonna be able to anticipate what’s coming up and be prepared for it.”

Bastrzycki also says that when people skid, they tend to look at where they’re going to crash. He says they should be optimistic and look towards where they want the car to go.

When it comes to snowstorms, this race car driver says the best advice he can give is to stay off the road, if you can.