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Suffolk County Approves $250K Red Light Camera Study

Tim Mueller

The Suffolk County Legislature approved a $250,000 study on the increase of injury accidents at intersections with red light cameras. The bill passed along party lines.

Nearly half of the 100 intersections in Suffolk County with red light cameras have shown an increase in injury accidents since the cameras were installed.

The bill’s sponsor, Democratic Legislator Sarah Anker, says that even though there are problems with the cameras, county-wide accidents have actually dropped since they were put in place.

“The red light cameras have been instituted in Suffolk County for safety reasons, and that’s what I’m focusing on. I want our streets to be safer.”

Republican Legislator Robert Trotta says the red light camera program is causing more accidents.

“Almost half the locations they’re increasing, and a third of them, they’re increasing over 100 percent. So if it was about safety, they’d shut those down immediately. But they’re not. It’s about money.”

The study would be carried out by an outside contractor and look at things like light timing, traffic, signage and construction. It could take about a year to complete.