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Himes: WikiLeaks Activity Could Mean Bigger Problems For Intelligence Community

Lea Trusty
Rep. Jim Himes, CT-D4, responds to reporters' questions at a press conference at the Stamford Government Center in Stamford, Conn., on Tuesday.

Congressman Jim Himes, D-CT4, says he’s concerned about WikiLeaks’ publication of thousands of alleged secret files on CIA hacking tools.

Himes, who’s a member of the U.S. House Intelligence Committee, says WikiLeaks’ alleged revelations could be a sign of bigger problems at the CIA and the country’s other intelligence agencies.

“If true, this is part of a larger much more concerning pattern of an inability of the intelligence community to keep its technology secret.”

But Himes says he’s skeptical of WikiLeaks as a credible source.

“I am of the belief that WikiLeaks is not an impartial organization. Let’s put it this way, they are not a good faith actor. They are more than infrequently influenced by Russian aims, and I don’t trust them.”

The documents released by WikiLeaks describe clandestine methods allegedly used by the CIA to bypass or defeat encryption, antivirus tools and other protective features on smartphones, TVs and computers.