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Answering Trump's Call On Twitter, Supporters Rally In Hartford

Supporters of Donald Trump rallied in cities across the country Saturday at the suggestion of the president himself. Trump said on Twitter that his supporters should hold rallies of their own in response to the nationwide protests against his administration since the inauguration. 

In Hartford, about sixty people showed up for a rally in Bushnell Park. 

Joe Visconti led the rally. He ran for governor of Connecticut as an Independent in 2014. He said the rally wasn't a protest.

“This is not the Tea Party of the old days," Visconti said. We don’t have to protest. It’s unusual to be celebrating in Connecticut.”

Speakers not only praised Trump, but also criticized Democratic Governor Dannel Malloy. Speaker John Berubi said he was with a group called the Connecticut Militia. Berubi said the state had to get rid of Malloy. As the crowd booed and chanted, he gestured to the nearby Capitol building.

“And whether we have to occupy that building over there, I assure you, they are not getting away with that.” Berubi said as the crowd chanted  “Malloy’s gotta go! Malloy’s gotta go!” 

Other speakers criticized the press and said Trump should act to make Sharia law illegal in the United States.