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Connecticut Officials Expect Record High Election Day Turnout

Connecticut officials are reporting a high election day turnout. 

Secretary of the State Denise Merrill says she expects turnout to top 75 percent, which would be higher than the 2012 election. 

Governor Dannel Malloy urged voters to come out when and his wife cast their ballots in Hartford today.

He says, "This has been a hard fought contest, got nasty at times, got strange and bizarre at times. There were ups and downs. But you know, listen, this has played itself out over a two year period of time. Let's get this thing done. Let's go out and vote."

Voters in New Haven came prepared to stand in lines for more than an hour this morning.

Keitch Green was in line at Wilbur Cross High School in East Rock. He says he expected the long lines because they are always at his 10th Ward location. But he says as an African American voter, he would not miss it.

"My people walked and died for us to have the right to vote. So I vote. Every election."

Green says this is a historic moment.

"This is a very important race and it's the first chance for America to show that this is the land of equality and to vote a woman in for president. And that's the main reason I'm here, to vote for Hillary."

Connecticut Republicans say they're encouraged by the high turnout in the election, especially in towns like Shelton. Jason Perillo is a GOP State Representative from Shelton. Perillo is on the ballot for re-election.

"Shelton is generally a Republican town. I think we are going to see that this high turnout has an impact. And I think you are going to see Donald Trump do very well here. Whether that carries out through the entire 4th Congressional District remains to be seen."

Perillo is also campaign manager for John Shaban, the Republican challenging Connecticut's 4th Congressional District incumbent, Jim Himes.