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"Uncommitted" Line On Primary Ballot Sparks Questions

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Connecticut Secretary of the State Denise Merrill’s office says members of the public have been asking about the “uncommitted” line on Tuesday's presidential primary ballot.

Merrill says the ballot line allows eligible voters to ask Connecticut delegates to decide for them at the Democratic and Republican Party conventions.

“It’s interesting because that ‘Uncommitted’ line has always been there, but it has never attracted any interest from anyone except this year. 

If you vote on that line, you are allowing the delegates from Connecticut to do whatever they want, go to the convention uncommitted to any one candidate.”

It’s almost like voting for none of the above, but you want to vote. And you want the delegates to follow their best judgment as to what’s going on at the convention.

Republican frontrunner Donald Trump has been leading in the polls nationally, but his competitors, Texas Senator Ted Cruz and Ohio Governor John Kasich have agreed to work together. They want to make sure Trump doesn’t win enough delegates to avoid a contested convention. If the race is a narrow one, delegates’ decisions may play a key role in the race.

Kathie is a former editor at WSHU.
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