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Clinton Says Politicians Are Too Scared To Stand Up To NRA

Matt Rourke

“Blame the victim. Blame the victim’s mother. Blame the victim’s family. Blame the victim’s neighborhood. Find somebody to blame instead of saying you know what, we just have too many guns in this country in the wrong hands, and we have to address it,” Clinton said today at a forum on gun violence in Hartford, Connecticut.

Clinton came to hear from people whose loved ones were killed in gun violence, including families of Sandy Hook victims.

She said that politicians are too scared to stand up to the National Rifle Association.

“Nobody is more powerful than the gun lobby because they have figured out how to intimidate elected officials at all levels, who basically just stop thinking about this problem because they’re too scared to stand up to the NRA.”

Clinton said Connecticut’s gun laws are a model for the nation and she’d like to see the country address gun violence in the same way. She called for tougher federal background checks for gun purchases and investment in mental health and social services programs that help keep people from resorting to gun violence.

Cassandra Basler, a former senior editor at WSHU, came to the station by way of Columbia Journalism School in New York City. When she's not reporting on wealth and poverty, she's writing about food and family.
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