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Bay Street Theatre brings Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s life to the main stage

photographed by Joseph Michael Kenneth
photographed by Joseph Michael Kenneth

Bay Street Theatre brings Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s life to the main stage. The performance is called “All Things Equal: The Life & Trials of Ruth Bader Ginsburg” and is produced by Tony Award-winning playwright, Rupert Holmes.

“It’s an intimate and tender look at the in-between parts of her life,” said Michelle Azar, who plays RBG. “It typifies who this woman was right from the start that she deeply wanted to engage with people of all ages and all walks of life not to campaign and not to persuade but to invite the questions of equality.”

Azar said the intimate portrayal of RBG explains her rise to the Supreme Court, being one of only nine women studying law at Harvard, and her fight for women’s rights before the male-dominated, highest court.

Azar added that playing RBG is exhilarating and terrifying because, “to embrace somebody who people really know who only passed a couple of years who is iconic, a meme, a legacy, doing her exercises is so engaging.”

“I realize my own luck of life and that I get to impart that curiosity to whomever I can engage with in the audience,” Azar said. “Creating moments of curiosity and engaging in that discussion of what we have othered and who we have othered,” Azar said is what she hopes the audience will take away from the play.

The play runs at Bay Street from Nov. 3-27.

Janet is a former news intern at WSHU.