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Mnuchin Defends Trump Despite Criticisms From Former Yale Classmates

AP Photo/Susan Walsh

Almost 300 members of the Yale class of 1985 have signed a letter asking their former classmate, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, to resign. 

The letter was a response to President Trump’s comments about the violent events in Charlottesville, Virginia. It claimed that Trump was sympathetic to white supremacist groups and called on Mnuchin to resign in protest.

“Supporting white supremacists and neo-Nazis is not something that anyone should be able to agree with," said Thomas Mugavero, one of the signatories. "We thought it reflected badly on Mr. Mnuchin. We thought it reflected badly on Yale. And we thought it reflected badly on pretty much the country.”

Mnuchin stood next to Trump in the lobby of Trump Tower last Tuesday as the president said there were “very fine people on both sides.” On Saturday, Mnuchin released a statement on Twitter. He said that President Trump does not support white supremacist groups, and that the issues affecting the country are more complicated than the mass media would have the public believe.

Mnuchin said that as long as he is Treasury Secretary, he will provide the best advice he could to President Trump.  

Anthony Moaton is a former fellow at WSHU.