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Connecticut Lawmakers Unlikely To Consider Budget Before June 30 Deadline

Jessica Hill
Connecticut House Speaker Joe Aresimowicz

Connecticut House Speaker Joe Aresimowicz said on Tuesday he won't call lawmakers back to Hartford to vote on a proposed mini-budget offered up by Governor Dannel Malloy, now that there's no agreement on a two-year budget in sight.

“Our caucus gave us strict orders. They said we want you to do everything you possibly can. Meet with every party every chamber to come up with a budget for the state of Connecticut and lets not take short cuts. So in my opinion, I’m living up to the request of my caucus.”   

Malloy and Democratic Senate President Martin Looney want legislators to vote on the mini-budget before the fiscal year ends Friday. They say it will be less draconian than having Malloy maintain essential state services using his limited executive authority, which appears to be the direction the state is headed.

Malloy says he'll be forced to cut funding to summer youth jobs programs and services for people with disabilities.