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Connecticut Lawmakers Fail To Meet Budget Deadline

The Connecticut State Capitol Building in Hartford
The Connecticut State Capitol in Hartford.

The Democratic leaders of the Connecticut legislature said on Tuesday that they won't have a budget ready for a vote this week. That means Democratic Governor Dannel Malloy will have to temporarily take over state spending by his executive authority beginning on Saturday July 1.

A spokesman for the Connecticut House Democratic Caucus says they haven’t been able to reach a budget agreement, despite last-ditch efforts. And there also does not appear to be enough support for a legislative "continuing resolution" to keep government operating, or the quarterly "mini-budgets" Governor Malloy had suggested on Monday.

That’s prompted an angry response from Republican Senate President Len Fasano of North Haven. Fasano says his caucus has produced a budget plan that’s ready to be voted on.

“Even if they don’t like our budget as a totality, doesn’t mean that’s not something we can pass and modify as time goes on. But if we do nothing, we saw the executive order that the governor is going to do. And when the people call legislators and the governor’s office and say, ‘What do you mean we are not getting our education dollars? What do you mean our social services have been cut? And what do you mean renter’s abatement for the elderly money is not coming through?’ Those problems are at the doorsteps of the Democrats.”

Governor Malloy has criticized the Senate Republican plan for not being balanced. He also says it violates the collective bargaining agreement with state workers. And if it’s passed, he won’t sign it into law.