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Connecticut News

Electric Boat Settles With EPA Over Stormwater Pollution

Electric Boat submarine
Electric Boat

The Environmental Protection Agency has reached a settlement with the Groton, Connecticut, submarine manufacturer Electric Boat for violating the Clean Water Act.

An inspection by the E.P.A last year found that Electric Boat did not appropriately manage its stormwater discharge on the Thames River.

Alexandra Dunn, the regional administrator for EPA New England, says Electric Boat has agreed to pay $60,000 and make changes to its facilities.

“They are going to be putting filters on some of their storm drains, and they are also going to be doing training of some of the marine activity in their area so that the different companies that they do business with are aware of the practices that will prevent pollution running off into the Thames River.”  

Dunn says the EPA has made it a priority to work with companies like Electric Boat to reduce stormwater pollution.  

“Stormwater pollution is the largest remaining source of water pollution in the United States that we are trying to reduce.”

The company did not immediately respond to a request for comment.