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Ben MacDougall's 'Godfall' Soundtrack Includes Some Very Unusual Instruments

Counterplay Games

Godfall, created by the small studio Counterplay Games, is a launch title for the brand new Sony Play Station 5. Soundtrack composer Ben MacDougall says he was hooked on the project from the very first conversations with the developers, who enticed him with the gorgeous, dangerous world of Aperion and  epic game play as the Valorian hero Orin seeks revenge for his betrayal by his brother Macros.

In crafting a distinctive sound for the music, Ben built a unique instrument from bits and pieces of wood and wire from his local hardward store. His "swamp koto," as he calls it, even has a bit of filed-down bone at one end to add to the range of ususual sounds it can produce.  Ben also used some recognizable instruments, and worked with cellist Ashok Klouta and vocalist Laurence Servaes, whose performances are showcased in the track, "Song of Aperion." But even the traditional instruments got some heavy processing and modification.  As Ben says, "I like to torture my waveforms."


Ben says it was exciting to be providing the music for a brand-new game, and he felt like he imagines his dog does when he gets to explore a completely new park. Ben's Godfall soundtrack is avaliable through many digital outlets. 

Episode tracklist:

All tracks composed and performed by Ben MacDougall, with cellist Ashok Klouta and Laurence Servaes, vocals

Godfall: Guardian; The Ancient Depths; Leviathan's Rest; Land of the Valorians; Quiescent Dreams; Aperion's Champion; Song of Aperion; Ravenous Hunter; The Vargul Tribes

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