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Christopher Tin Reaches The Stars With 'To Shiver The Sky'


Christopher Tin's latest album, To Shiver The Sky, tells the history of humanity's dream of flight and space exploration.  The seed that grew this epic work is his setting of Leonardo's writings about flight, Sogno di Volare, which was used in the game Civilization VI. Christopher says that sparked the idea of creating a multi-movement work that takes us on a journey from the Middle Ages to modern times, with texts by such diverse writers as Hildegard von Bingen, Copernicus, Amelia Earhart and John F. Kennedy.

Chris's Kickstarter campaign to fund the project set a record for the most successful funding ever for a classical music project. The funds allowed Chris to hire outstanding ensembles including the Royal Philharmonic, the Royal Opera Chorus, and super-star soloists soprano Danielle De Niese and tenor Pene Pati. along with other incredible smaller ensembles.


With the success of To Shiver the Sky assured, two-time Grammy Award-winning Chris is already planning his next album, which he describes as a requiem for Earth's species lost to extinction.

Episode tracklist:

All tracks composed by Christopher Tin, performed by the Royal Philharmonic, Royal Opera Chorus, Danielle de Niese, soprano, Pene Pati, tenor, and other ensembles. 

To Shiver the Sky: To the Stars, Sogno di Volare (The Dream of Flight), The Power of the Spirit, The Heavenly Kingdom, Daedalus and Icarus, The Fall, Oh, the Humanity, Become Death, Astronomy, Courage, We Choose to go to the Moon

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