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Edward Patrick White Balances 'Gears' Legacy Music And Creates Something New For 'Tactics'


Gears Tactics is set twelve years before the original and now iconic Gears of War. Cities on the planet Sera are begininning to fall prey to a terrible threat emerging from underground, and it falls to reluctant hero Gabe Diaz to command his squad to defeat the Locust Hoarde. Tactics composer Edward Patrick White says his memories of playing the first Gears game, in a nearly-empty flat save for his Xbox and a kitten, infused his soundtrack.

Edward says the consistent style that every Gears soundtrack has is the slightly-off, not-quite-right melodies and harmonies, that give the sense of the world of the game being broken. Edward created a unique sound for his score by not only using a full orchestra, but also creating sounds from whatever he had on hand, including his daughter's singing. Edward had so much fun working the developers at Splash Damage, he says he'd sign up for a second tour in a second!

The Gears Tactics soundtrack is available now, and Edward says a vinyl release with lots more music from the game has been discussed.

Episode tracklist: 

All tracks composed by Edward Patrick White

Gears Tactics: Trails; Civilians; Motor Pool; Gears Tactics Menu Theme; The Wrong Gear; Cog 1; Corpser; Brumak; Campfire; Off into the Sunset

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