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Ian Chen's Fantastic Soundtrack For 'Fantastic Creatures'


Composer Ian Chen says writing the soundtrack for the Chinese mythology-inspired Fantastic Creatures by Blue Callisto Studios was a dream project because he combined his love of traditional Chinese instruments with the myths he listened to as a child and his love of real-time strategy games.

He enjoyed the challenge of combining traditional Chinese instruments with Western ones to bring out the best qualities of both.

Fantastic Creatures uses Chinese myths of creation and destruction to give the player a choice to bring the desolate world back to live, or destroy evertying. Ian says he enjoyed giving a musical voice to the ancient gods and godesses whose stories he learned as a child.


Ian's soundtrack was nominated for Game Music of the Year by the Game Audio Network Guild. Although it didn't receive the award, Ian says it was an amazing honor to have his first full-length game score recognized alongside those of established game composers. And it's whetted his appetite to write more game music as well.

Episode tracklist:

All tracks composed by Ian Chen

Fantastic Creatures: Dance of the Yellow River; Primordial Chaos; White Tiger of the West; Azure Dragon of the East; Black Tortoise of the North; Distant Memory; Genesis; Song of the People; Sukhavati; Hammer and Anvil; Queen Mother of the West; Fantastic Creatures

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