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Paul Ruskay's Ambient 'Lumote' Sound And Music Is Inspired By Nature Films


Lumote is a dreamy puzzle platforming game created by the tiny team of Luminawesome. Composer and sound designer Paul Ruskay describes it as "a science fair project" because they designed a completely new way of generating the graphics with a program that's normally used to place the music at the appropriate moment in a game.

The art style is flowy, and as the little blobby Lumote moves through the world interacting with the various flowers and little "dumb-bats," or batteries, the whole environment feels like it's underwater. Paul used that as inspiration, as well as the way nature films are shot and edited to create his playful, ambient soundtrack.

Paul says he was thrilled to have a chance to add music and sound design to the genre of puzzle platformers, including games he really admires, like Portal. He says working on this soundtrack felt like unexplored territory, as it did when he wrote the music for the iconic Homeworld series of games.


Paul's soundtrack is available with the game on Steam, and the game will be available soon on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation4 and Xbox 1.

Episode tracklist:

All tracks composed and performed by Paul Ruskay

Lumote: Main Menu; World One Tower Complete; World Two Region One Tr. 4; World One Region Two Tr.3; World Two Region Two Tr. 1; World One Tower One Complete; World One Tower Two Complete; World Three Master Chamber

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