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Nainita Desai's Honest Soundtrack For 'Telling Lies'


Nainita Desai's chamber orchestra soundtrack for Telling Lies by director Sam Barlow is pretty much the only honest thing in this intriguing live-action thriller. The player has access to a stolen hard drive to view videos of conversations with each of the four main characters, all of whom are hiding something. 

Nainita says working with Sam was an incredible experience because she was able to help flesh out each character's personality with her music, even before Sam had cast the actors.

Nainita worked with the London Contemporary Orchestra, an ensemble she'd been eager to collaborate with, to record the score. Not only did they record the music Nainita had composed, but they also used part of the session to improvise and create more options for how the music could be implemented in-game.


Ulitmately, it's up to the player to dig as deeply as possible into the videos on the hard drive to discover the truth, and Nainita says her music rewards those who stick with it by expanding the themes and embedding some hidden layers of each cue.


Episode tracklist

All tracks by Nainita Desai, performed by the London Contemporary Orchestra

Telling Lies: Dawn; Trust; Order; Control; Intimacy; Midnight

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