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Borislav Slavov's Uniquely Customizable Music for Divinity Original Sin 2


It's been a big year for the Role Playing Game Divinity Original Sin 2 by Larian Studios. The game was awarded a BAFTA for Best Role Playing Game, and composer Borislav Slavov was nominated for a Game Audio Network Guild Award for his soundtrack!

Borislav designed the soundtrack to be as customizable as the character you create in your game, with a choice of four unique-sounding main instruments that become the leading voice as you're exploring and engaging in combat. As he told me, it gives the player the feeling that the music is being created especially for them in real time.

Borislav offered his talent to Larian Studio after the game's original composer, Kirill Pokrovsky, passed away unexpectedly. Borislav is a huge fan of Kirill's unique music, and whenever he'd get stuck, he says he'd listen to the music Kirill wrote for earlier Divinity games for inspiration.">

Writing the music for Divinity Original Sin 2 proved to be a monumental task because Borislav created seven different themes, one for each main character, as well as different versions of each theme. On top of that, he devised a way for the music to switch from a major to minor key, as the player approaches a dangerous area!

Borislav's soundtrack is attracting lots of attention: some of his music was included on a recent concert of game music presented in Bulgaria, and there's a just released vinyl album, created by Black Screen Records as well!

Episode tracklist

Borislav Slavov: Divinity Original Sin 2: The Battle for Divinity

Kirill Prokovsky: Divinity Original Sin: Guardians of Light

Borislav Slavov: Divinity Original Sin 2: A Tear in the Void; Main Theme; Symphony of the Void; Sins and Gods Revelation; Sins and Gods (choral version); Mead, Gold and Blood; The Queen's High Seas; Revellon

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