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Game Music Fans Gather At The Twin Cities' VGM Con


March 2 through March 4, game music fans and performers will gather in the Twin Cities for the annual VGM Con, a celebration of all facets of video game music! As Thomas Spargo, the Con's creator told me, there'll be a lot to enjoy, including panels by special guests Jason Graves, composer of Lone Echo, Far Cry Primal and The Order, 1886, and Rich Vreeland, better known as Disasterpeace, whose credits include Hyper Light Drifter and Fez.

Thomas said the inspiration to start this convention from scratch was experiencing the joy his guitar students had playing his arrangements of familiar themes from games they loved.


There will be lots of bands, including Do A Barrel Roll and Super Guitar Bros, and everyone is invited to perform with other musicians in the many jam spaces that will be available.

One unique feature is that on Saturday there will be a strings clinic geared toward middle school performers to learn how to play string arrangements from SkyrimZelda, Breath of the Wild and Mario.

VGM Con is expanding every year, and this time around, Thomas is hoping he can take time out from all the arrangements to actually have fun, too.

Episode tracklist

Disasterpeace: Hyper Light Drifter: The Sentients

Jason Graves: Lone Echo: Main Menu

Matt Uelmen: Diablo: Tristram  (arranged and performed by Super Guitar Bros)

Disasterpeace: Fez: Adventure

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