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Music Respawn! Alexander Brandon: Creating The Future With Music

Mothership Entertainment

Alexander Brandon has always loved writing music for games set in the future, including his iconic music for the original Deus Ex games. He had an opportunity once again to peer into what the future holds with his music for Aven Colony, from the small team at Mothership Entertainment.

Aven Colony gives you the responsibility of setting up colonies to support human life on the distant planet of Aven Prime, and the various locations and levels of complexity gave Alex lots of possibilities with the soundtrack.


Alex told me that one of the concepts that keeps drawing him back to creating the music for games set in the future is the opportunity to experience a brand-new world, different from the one we're living in at the moment.

He's got some new projects underway: some are still a secret, but one will be revealed at the next MAGFest in January 2018!

Episode tracklist:

Alexander Brandon: Aven Colony: Azara Falls Triumph; Sandy Gultch Rises; Aven Colony Main Theme: The Farthest Reaches (feat. Elizabeth Zharoff); Daybreak Sandy Gultch; Midday on Hyla's Crescent; Azara Falls Danger; Vanaari Triumph

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