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Music Respawn! Gerard Marino Goes Clubbing With God Of War

Santa Monica Studios

As a member of the team that composed music for the God of War series, Gerard Marino knows a thing or two about the video game music business. For one thing, it's important to be nice to people! Gerard was a speaker at the Brazilian Independent Games Festival in Sao Paulo in June, where he gave a frank talk on how to get started in the industry, and what to do when you make it. As he told me, it's a tough business, but there's a close-knit community of game composers who help each other out.

In addition to the discussion about his career, Gerard also joined up with some musician friends who jammed with him during a DJ set featuring the music of God of War, which is HUGE in Brazil. This new project, which Gerard describes as a club version of Video Games Live, has reinvigorated his love of music and of performing for fans, which is how he got his start.

Gerard in concert

He's got big plans for the project, which includes sets of his music for the God of War series, and music by friends Jason Graves and Austin Wintory.

Episode Tracklist:

All tracks by Gerard Marino

God of War II: Main Theme

God of War III: Overture

God of War II: Death of Kratos; The End Begins

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