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Music Respawn! Samuel Laflamme: Writing Music To Outlast Time

Red Barrels

Outlast, from Red Barrels Studio, is a different kind of horror game, with a protagonist whose only weapon is a video camera. It was so successful, a sequel is planned for release on April 25th. At GDG, I talked with composer Samuel Laflamme about how he created a special blend of tense music for both games, including a cymbal that sounds like a human scream!

Sam says his goal with the scores for both games is to write music that will stand the test of time, and he and the team work hard to create unique sounds that give the games their identity.

Outlast 2 Cornfield chase sequence.

Samuel Laflamme

Episode tracklist

Samuel Laflamme: Outlast 2: Cornfield Chase Outlast 1Welcome to the Asylum, Surgeon Torture, Soldier Death, Male Ward Chase Outlast 2: Main Menu

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