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Music Respawn! Nathan McCree: Countdown to Tomb Raider Live!

OnDecember 18, Nathan McCree will realize a dream that's been years in the making, as his iconic music for the original three Tomb Raider games will be performed by the Royal Philharmonic!

Nathan shares some fun behind-the-scenes stories about how the concert is coming together in our conversation:

Nathan wrote all the music for Tomb Raider 1 in a very short time, and he was back on a tight deadline to arrange the pieces he chose for this concert, as well as writing some original material over the summer. In fact, he figures he only had about three days for each piece! 

If you can't wait 'til December 18, Nathan has given us a preview of some of the new versions of the most requested cues, including the terrifying music for Lara's battle with the T-Rex!

Lara's battle with the T-Rex in Tomb Raider 1

Nathan says this is the biggest project he's ever tackled, but it will be worth all the work when fans hear their favorite pieces from Tomb Raider in concert.

Episode Tracklist

Nathan McCree, Tomb Raider Suite:

VertigoThe T-Rex, A Friend Since Gone

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