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Human Skulls Discovered In Garbage With Witchcraft Books & Videos In Stamford

Stamford Police


Police in Stamford say they believe two human skulls that were found Thursday at a garbage transfer station in the city were likely purchased from a catalog.

Stamford police traced the skulls back to a home in Fairfield, and interviewed the elderly father of a man who had the skulls until he passed away recently. Lieutenant Diedrich Hohn of the Stamford Police says the father described his son as mentally ill. He said his son was a fan of the occult, Satan and witchcraft.  Hohn says police found a catalog advertising human skulls for sale.

“It’s unusual," Hohn said. "I mean it’s something you don’t see every day. But I think we have a good handle on it. My biggest concern is that it was a grave robbery or some kind of homicide that went unreported, and we are leaning against that at this point.”

Hohn says he was surprised to learn that the purchase of human skulls is more common that he thought.

The videos were found Thursday along with books and videos about Satan and witchcraft. The state medical examiner has determined the skulls belonged to an older man and woman.