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CT lawmakers draft a bill to tackle the state’s housing crisis

The Connecticut State Capitol building.
Molly Ingram
The Connecticut State Capitol building.

A Connecticut legislative committee has started working on a bill to enable the building of more housing in the state despite opposition from some lawmakers.

This would help Gov. Ned Lamont’s plan to tackle the state’s housing crisis, said state Representative Eleni Kavros DeGraw (D-Avon), the Planning and Development committee co-chair.

“And for all of us to have input into what we are calling a housing menu. To provide opportunities for people to say 'you know what this doesn’t work in my town, but these other two pieces might,'” she told members of her committee on Friday.

“To have a system where a town is rated or judged on any scale as to how many low-income houses they are able to build is unacceptable to me,” said state Representative Doug Dubistky (R-Chaplin), one of the Republicans who voted against the move.

Lamont’s plan provides state financial incentives for towns willing to facilitate the building of more affordable housing.

As WSHU Public Radio’s award-winning senior political reporter, Ebong Udoma draws on his extensive tenure to delve deep into state politics during a major election year.