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Sound Bites: Long Island state park lifeguards get a raise

While a life guard does pull-ups, another keeps an eye on the water at Atlantique Beach on Fire Island in Islip, N.Y., Thursday, July 19, 2018. The purple flag on the life guard chair signifies the presence of "marine pests", including sharks.
Seth Wenig
While a life guard does pull-ups, another keeps an eye on the water at Atlantique Beach on Fire Island.

Happy Friday! Long Island state park lifeguards will make $4 more per hour this summer. At $22 per hour, officials are hoping the pay raise will attract more applicants and prevent a shortage. The state parks rely on more than 500 young adults to staff the island's beaches and pools. Without enough lifeguards, delays and closures are likely.

Need a summer gig? The lifeguard certification exam is scheduled for 7:30 a.m. on June 11 at Suffolk County Community College.

Here's a bite-sized look at what else we are hearing: 

Part of the Stamford train station ceiling has collapsed. Officials say the collapse occurred on Wednesday afternoon in one of the tunnel stairwells. The tunnel is out of order, but service has not been disrupted. Nobody was hurt in the incident.

A former Wading River firefighter pleaded guilty to impersonating an NYPD officer on Wednesday. Prosecutors say Mary Ortega, 46, purchased NYPD gear online and would show up to volunteer fire calls in her fake uniform. Ortega will serve three years of probation.

A Waterbury city official has been arrested for a hit and run. John Egan, 58, allegedly hit a teenager on a scooter with his car. Egan was serving as the chairman of the Waterbury Zoning Commission.

A sinkhole has opened on Lido Beach Road. The hole expands over two lanes of traffic and is due to a sewer collapse. Officials say it will take two weeks to fix, and motorists should expect delays as they work around it.

A MS-13 gang member has pleaded guilty to manslaughter. Gutierrez Meza, 25, beat Estiven Abrego Gomez, 18, to death with a bat in Greenland Park in 2016. Meza is the third MS-13 gang member involved in the attack to plead guilty.

Watertown will receive $1 million from FEMA for COVID school operating costs. The money will cover the cost of hiring temporary school nurses and cleaning staff. Connecticut has already received almost $670 million for pandemic reimbursement.

New Haven’s Integrated Refugee & Immigrant Services executive director is leaving. Chris George has led the organization for 18 years. George said he is moving on to spend more time with his family, but he’s not done working. He will continue at the national level.

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Molly is a reporter covering Connecticut. She also produces Long Story Short, a podcast exploring public policy issues across Connecticut.