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Connecticut's veteran Blumenthal clashes with Trump-backed Levy in U.S. Senate debate

J. Scott Applewhite

Connecticut’s Democratic US Senator Richard Blumenthal sparred with his Republican challenger, Leora Levy, in a televised debate last night on WFSB. 

One of the contentious issues was the future of Social Security.

Blumenthal accused Levy of supporting Republican plans to cut the benefit if they gain control of Congress. 

“My opponent just said that nobody in the Congress wants to cut the benefits," Blumenthal said "Well her main supporter in the United States Senate, Rick Scott, actually has proposed sunsetting it after five years. Others say one year."  

He warned that the House leadership would hold Social Security hostage as the price of shutting down the government.

“That’s where the Republicans will go if they take over,” Blumenthal said.

levy endorsement.PNG
Mark Pazniokas
CT Mirror
Wills Pike, the master of ceremonies at the Montville Republican Town Committee barbecue, and Leora Levy, who is aspiring to the Republican nomination to take on U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal, listen as Donald Trump speaks on Levy's phone.

Levy blamed Democrats for the problem.  She said Social Security is in bad shape because Blumenthal and his Democratic colleagues have redirected the funds.   

“We wouldn’t be in this problem if my opponent and his colleagues in the Democrat Party hadn't raided Social Security and Medicare for their other socialist, big government programs,: Levy said.  "We wouldn’t even be here and yes it is our money, because we work for it and it is taken from our paychecks without our ability to say yes or no."  

A recent Quinnipiac University poll found Blumenthal leading Levy by 15 points ahead of next Tuesday’s election.

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