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Stamford revisits the idea of starting a ferry service to New York City

Business Wire
Associated Press

Stamford is revisiting a long-standing dream of a ferry service to New York City.

A survey from Stamford Mayor Caroline Simmons office was sent to businesses in the city’s South End, asking how they would utilize the service if available. Responses were due at the end of last week.

Simmons expressed her interest in the idea in April during her first State of the City address, as part of a list of transportation projects her administration is considering. But, city and state officials have been already been toying with the idea for the last two decades.

In 2013, plans came close, but fell through after officials saw the estimated price tag — about $13 million for the ferry terminal and close to $10 million for a parking garage.

Officials could take advantage of a federal grant program announced earlier this summer, which includes $300 million for expanding ferry services around the country.

Sabrina is host and producer of WSHU’s daily podcast After All Things. She also produces the climate podcast Higher Ground and other long-form news and music programs at the station. Sabrina spent two years as a WSHU fellow, working as a reporter and assisting with production of The Full Story.