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Connecticut mailed $78 million in child tax rebate checks this week

Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont
Brian Scott-Smith

More than $78 million in state child tax credit checks have gone out to eligible families in Connecticut this week, according to state officials.

Families who qualify for the $250 per child tax rebate for up to three children 18 or younger will get the checks in the mail. They’ll be arriving in time for families to take advantage of this week’s back-to-school sales tax holiday.

“This is money you are going to get today, tomorrow or the next day depending on how fast the mail works,” Governor Ned Lamont said. “I think it makes a difference for families, makes life a little more affordable, helps those kids get back to school the very best they can.”

About 178,000 checks have been sent, according to state officials. Another 20,000 applications are being processed.

The state legislature approved spending up to $150 million on the child tax credit rebate program. A family with eligible children must have an income of $200,000 or less to qualify.

As WSHU Public Radio’s award-winning senior political reporter, Ebong Udoma draws on his extensive tenure to delve deep into state politics during a major election year.