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Two Connecticut bus services in Middlesex County will merge on July 1

Brian Scott-Smith

Two bus services in Middlesex County, Connecticut, will officially merge on Friday, July 1.

Middletown Area Transit and 9 Town Transit will become one unified service, doubling the number of buses available to riders in the area to 40.

Joseph Comerford, the executive director of Estuary Transit District, which operates 9 Town buses, said current riders will have the same service, but new opportunities will bring immediate benefits to riders from day one.

“The fixed-route side won't see any immediate changes, but ... on the Middletown side, we'll see a little easier access to Dial-a-Ride, earlier booking periods and for everybody a larger service area,” Comerford said. “So, the service area will immediately increase to 16 towns.”

Comerford said bus ridership on both services is back up to pre-COVID levels, and they will be able to better provide access for riders with disabilities, too.

He said the new combined service makes sense.

“So, really combining the two opens up the whole county to everyone,” Comerford said. “It provides access from the shore up to Middletown, better than we had before. And it provides access from the northern county, places like Middletown to the shore.

"People always want to escape to the shore, especially during the summertime," he added.

More information about bus and ride sharing services can be found at the Estuary Transit District's website.

An award-winning freelance reporter/host for WSHU, Brian lives in southeastern Connecticut and covers stories for WSHU across the Eastern side of the state.