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Lamont signs a deal to keep Sikorsky in Connecticut for decades

Davis Dunavin
Governor Ned Lamont signs a bill formalizing the deal at Sikorsky's headquarters in Stratford.

Helicopter maker Sikorsky will stay in Connecticut for the next two decades under a deal signed by Governor Ned Lamont.

"Sikorsky’s right there on the front lines defending America’s freedom and defending freedom around the world, and we do that with the best engineering, the best workforce in the world,” Lamont said at Sikorsky’s headquarters in Stratford.

Sikorsky President Paul Lemmo said the company’s history is intertwined with the state.

“You know, for nearly a century, since our founder Igor Sikorsky came to Stratford to expand his aviation business, Sikorsky’s been a proud partner to Connecticut," Lemmo said. "The systems here in Connecticut produce some great employees for us and we’re happy to take them as they come.”

The deal brings Sikorsky’s parent company Lockheed Martin $75 million in tax incentives. But the state says that amount could be higher depending on how much work Sikorsky secures for its facility.

Lawmakers and company executives said the deal will keep more than 7,000 jobs in Connecticut.

Davis Dunavin loves telling stories, whether on the radio or around the campfire. He started in Missouri and ended up in Connecticut, which, he'd like to point out, is the same geographic trajectory taken by Mark Twain.