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Ahead of the legislative session, Connecticut Republicans pitch a proposal to reduce health care costs

The Connecticut Capitol Building in Hartford
Johnathon Henninger
The Connecticut Capitol Building in Hartford

Connecticut Republicans want the state General Assembly to take action to make health care more affordable when the state legislative session begins on February 9.

Senate Minority Leader Kevin Kelly said the current health care system has allowed costs to increase every year since 2010. He said his caucus has a plan to provide relief to Connecticut families.

“The senate Republican proposal works to ease burdens on working and middle class families and to fix the current system so that you can keep your current insurance, keep your doctor and still get savings so everyone can afford quality healthcare,” Kelly said.

They call for the introduction of a state-based reinsurance program to lower the risk for health insurance companies and reduce the cost of premiums.

State Senator Tony Hwang, ranking Republican member of the state insurance committee, said that would reduce health insurance premiums by as much as 30%.

“These are real quantifiable savings for Connecticut homes that are struggling under the increasing costs of affordability in Connecticut,” Hwang said.

The plan also called for the state to pool the purchase of prescription drugs and mandate more transparency for hospital billing.

Clare is a former news fellow with WSHU Public Radio.