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Lamont, Van Jones Push Criminal Justice Reform Legislation

Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont and CNN political commentator Van Jones came together to support legislation on Monday to make it easier for former prisoners to reintegrate into society.

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Yale President: We Will Investigate Admissions Scandal

Yale president Peter Salovey says the university will conduct an internal review in the aftermath of the widespread college admissions scandal first reported last week.

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Why The Promise Of Electronic Health Records Has Gone Unfulfilled

A decade ago, the U.S. government claimed that ditching paper medical charts for electronic records would make health care better, safer and cheaper. Ten years and $36 billion later, the digital revolution has gone awry, an investigation by Kaiser Health News and Fortune magazine has found. Veteran reporters Fred Schulte of KHN and Erika Fry of Fortune spent months digging into what has happened as a result. (You can read the cover story here .) Here are five takeaways from the investigation....

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New London Harbor Light Reopens After 4 Years

Mar 14, 2019
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The historic New London Harbor Light has reopened for public tours four years after the city barred them.

Office of N.Y. Gov. Andrew Cuomo

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo says his plan to issue a permanent tax cap at 2 percent and a reduced income tax for middle class families will provide much-needed relief for Long Islanders.

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New York lawmakers anticipate Governor Andrew Cuomo will sign a bill this session requiring the safe storage of all firearms in homes with a minor.

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Connecticut’s two U.S senators are among those introducing a universal background check bill for ammunition in Washington on Wednesday.

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The Roman Catholic diocese of Norwich, Connecticut, has settled for $900,000 with a former altar boy over claims he was molested by a priest.

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A study published Thursday in the Journal of Abnormal Psychology finds the percentage of U.S. teens and young adults reporting mental distress, depression and suicidal thoughts and actions has risen significantly over the past decade. While these problems also increased among adults 26 and older, the increase was not nearly as large as among younger people.

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House Majority Leader Matt Ritter wants Connecticut lawmakers to vote to end the religious exemption for childhood vaccinations this year. It’s in response to the recent outbreak of measles in 12 states and in the Orthodox Jewish community in Brooklyn and Queens.

Ritter, a Hartford Democrat, says 800 kindergarteners start school each year in Connecticut without being vaccinated.

Sabrina Pedro pushes her young son in a stroller along the short walk home from the Stop & Shop in Grove Hall. It’s the only supermarket in her neighborhood, which straddles Roxbury and Dorchester.

Hanging from the stroller’s handle, in a plastic bag, she has what she calls “tonight’s dinner: lasagna, milk, some carrots.”

A Stop & Shop strike could make errands like this one harder.


Seventeen years have passed since the nuclear explosion that ends Far Cry 5, and in that time Nature has reclaimed the landscape. So have some really nasty Highwaymen who aim to bring all the survivors under their control! John Swihart and co-composer Tyler Bates created a soundtrack for Far Cry New Dawn that plays off the ideas of instruments made from scavenged parts, and the vibrancy of the Super Bloom.


With its fastest-selling plane grounded in the U.S. and around the world, Boeing faces potential hits to its bottom line as well as to its reputation. A lengthy delay could cut Boeing's revenues by billions, some analysts say.


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