Mueller Report Doesn't Find Russian Collusion, But Can't 'Exonerate' On Obstruction

Updated at 6:56 p.m. ET Special counsel Robert Mueller did not find evidence that President Trump's campaign conspired with Russia to influence the 2016 election, according to a summary of findings submitted to Congress by Attorney General William Barr. "The Special Counsel's investigation did not find that the Trump campaign or anyone associated with it conspired or coordinated with Russia in its efforts to influence the 2016 U.S. presidential election," Barr wrote in a letter to leaders of...

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This Refugee Was A Daydream Believer When It Came To College

This month, one of the big news stories is about parents who bribed and cheated to get their kids into prestigious universities. And then there's the college admissions story of John Awiel Chol Diing. Diing, 25, is a former refugee from South Sudan and grew up in U.N.-supported camps in Ethiopia and Kenya. His family couldn't even afford high school fees, let alone college tuition. But today, thanks to an unlikely series of events, he is a student at Earth University in Costa Rica, finishing...

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For A Healthier Planet, Eat These 50 Foods, Campaign Urges

Why would a wildlife conservation organization be involved in a campaign to push people to diversify their diets? As it turns out, the way we humans eat is very much linked to preserving wildlife — and many other issues. This was the topic at a recent conference in Paris where the World Wildlife Fund and Knorr foods teamed up to launch their campaign and report, titled " Future 50 Foods: 50 Foods for Healthier People and a Healthier Planet ." The WWF's David Edwards says that there has been a...

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Jim Mone / AP

The chance to include the legalization of adult recreational marijuana in the state budget is fading, now that Governor Andrew Cuomo seems to be backing away from the proposal.

Elisa Amendola / AP

The effort to bring back tolls to Connecticut highways cleared a hurdle on Wednesday. State lawmakers on the transportation committee advanced three different toll bills.

DEEP Releases Blue Plan

Mar 20, 2019
Patey Bleecker / Pixabay

Environmental officials in Connecticut have released the first draft of a long-awaited map and inventory of Long Island Sound.

Fire Destroys Buildings At Silver Sands State Park

Mar 20, 2019
Bob Child / AP

A fire at Silver Sands State Park in Milford destroyed three buildings that were under construction Tuesday night.

Jay Shah / WSHU

Small business owners in Suffolk County say there are more jobs than applicants for seasonal work. Foreign workers fill in the gaps through visa programs, but federal limits have delayed the hiring process.

Ebong Udoma / WSHU

A former Goldman Sachs partner who worked at the firm during the 2008 housing crash may soon head up Connecticut's economic development office. David Lehman volunteered for the job but he’s yet to be confirmed. Lehman would be expected to turn around cities hit hardest by the foreclosure crisis.

Dave Collins / AP

The Connecticut Supreme Court decided Sandy Hook families could move forward with their lawsuit against Remington. This could mean the gun manufacturer will have to reveal its advertising strategy and open it up to more lawsuits. The families hope it will help stop gun violence.  What is the impact of the Connecticut Supreme Court decision? Today’s guests:

Before the computer, there was the typewriter. It revolutionized the way we worked and did business. It could also be a thing of beauty.  A new book takes a look at both the utility, and the design, of the typewriter.  Book critic Joan Baum has this review.

Weed use is taking off as more states move to legalize it. And with all the buzz over medical marijuana, it's starting to gain an aura of healthfulness. But there are some serious health risks associated with frequent use. One of the more troubling ones is the risk of having a psychotic episode.

Tero Vesalainen / Pixabay

The College Admissions scandal hit schools in our region. Now institutions are working to transform how they select new students. We will take a look at what’s going on with the college admissions process in Connecticut and Long Island. Our guests:


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