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RCMP dismantle Roxham Road installation

An obelisk marks the U.S. - Canadian border on Roxham Road
Pat Bradley
An obelisk marks the U.S. - Canadian border on Roxham Road. Behind it are the RCMP temporary facilities that were dismantled on September 25, 2023

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police demolished its temporary building on Roxham Road in far northern New York today.

The buildings were erected to handle a surge of migrants seeking to enter Canada at the end of a rural road between New York and Quebec. As heard on CTV, RCMP spokesperson SGT Charles Poirier called Monday an important day for the Quebec RCMP as they dismantled their installation, which had been at the end of Roxham Road since 2017.

“Since 2017 it is roughly 113,000 migrants that were intercepted by RCMP officers," said Poirier. "Following the modifications to the Safe Third Country Agreement the number of migrants that crosses through Roxham has dwindled and our presence here is no longer necessary.”

Poirier said about 14 migrants a week currently try to unofficially cross the border at points across the Champlain sector including Roxham Road.