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Happy Birthday To Us: Listeners Inspire A Deep Dive Into Our Archives

Oh, you didn't hear? Turns out Friday was our birthday. On that day, precisely 46 years ago, this little organization of ours was incorporated under the name National Public Radio.

Yes, we're aware already that your gift must be in the mail. (Right?) And yes, thank you, we are easing into our middle age with charm and aplomb. (Ahem — right?)

At any rate, we were also blown away by the love you all showed us on Facebook and Twitter.

So much so, in fact, that we wanted to do a little something for you in return.

In the course of your comments to us, many of you shared your favorite NPR stories and driveway moments. Many of these notes jogged our own memory on some things, prompting us to dig back into our archives to find the moments you found special.

As a little thank you for this outpouring of love, we rooted around in those archives to find some of the stories you mentioned. Scroll on to find a few of those favorites — in your own words (sent on Facebook) — and click on the hyperlinks to read the stories you recommended.

Josephine Cunningham

"One April 1 I listened to a story about exploding maple trees in Maine. The cause supposedly was built up pressure caused by untapped syrup. I was appalled and frightened. I immediately began to tell friends of this great danger. ... 24 hours later I learned that NPR had pranked everyone with an April's Fool joke. Just goes to show how much credibility the reports of NPR have had and how tongue in cheek it also can be."

Julie Hannon

"I'll never forget Melissa Block covering the earthquake in China and it was so emotional that even she broke down briefly with grieving parents. She's a fantastic reporter and I appreciated her even more in that moment because it made it real for me in my Illinois driveway. I was there crying in China for a moment, too."

Christina Villanueva-Ramirez

"I'm an 8th grade teacher and on my way to work on Friday mornings I look forward to 7:25 am pst to listen to StoryCorps. Such a beautiful and powerful show. Depending on the content, I then share the episode with my students and they love it! PS THANK YOU FOR STORYCORPS ANIMATION!!!!"

Deanna Henry White

"Happy Birthday NPR and thanks for what you do. I will never forget Jason Beaubien reporting live from Haiti following the earthquake, when he broke down. I've never felt more enmeshed in a story. Still gives me chills."

Lacey Bennion

"My favorite NPR memory is the time that my interview was featured on a broadcast on the falling fuel prices around the holidays. There's a ridiculous thrill to hearing your own voice on the radio."

Michele M. Roth

"Most recently, the story about the Challenger engineer who tried to stop the launch. I was late to teach a yoga class because I was riveted by that man's pain, and sent love, light, and forgiveness to him. On my way to teach that same class this week, I heard the follow-up story, where his darkness has been lifted and he has gained a measure of peace. I'll never forget what you did for Bob Ebeling."

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