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Three-Minute Fiction



We'll be announcing the winner of round seven of our Three-Minute Fiction contest in just a few weeks. So while we sort through your 3,000-plus entries, here's another favorite.

UNIDENTIFIED MAN: Darius Kroger had a talent for moving impossibly heavy objects. When he was a child, he could haul a cast iron stove uphill on one shoulder as if it were a knapsack, or stack cows on top of one another half a dozen deep. Darius Kroger did not look like a person who could do such things. His eyes, so pale they were almost clear, seemed to slip away from whatever they looked at.

ROBERTS: That was an excerpt from "Darius Kroger" by William Sirson from Laramie, Wyoming. You can find this story and others on our website, npr.org/threeminutefiction, all spelled out, no spaces. Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.