Capitol Avenue with Ebong Udoma

WSHU Senior Reporter Ebong Udoma looks at contemporary political issues from the perspective of his two decades covering local, regional and international events.

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Sacred Heart University

Sacred Heart University Political Science Professor Gary Rose has just published a book on the 2016 presidential contest. It’s called Haywire. It chronicles what Rose calls “the most unconventional and outlandish presidential contest in the history of American politics.” 

Anthony Moaton

Connecticut is a blue state that has fiscal problems. Oklahoma is a red state that has fiscal problems. Conservatives blame Connecticut’s problems on liberal tax-and-spend policies. And liberals blame Oklahoma’s problems on conservative economic policies.


In Connecticut, lawmakers ended their regular legislative session on Wednesday without reaching an agreement on the state’s next two-year budget. They are hoping to do that in special session before the end of the month.

At issue is a projected $5 billion deficit in the roughly $40 billion two-year state budget being considered. One controversial new revenue source lawmakers are considering to help close that gap is the legalization of the recreational use marijuana.

Lea Trusty / WSHU

Since Donald Trump was inaugurated almost three weeks ago, there has hardly been a day without a protest. The demonstrations have been passionate and persistent, but it’s unclear where they’ll go from here.