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State lawmakers say negotiations are underway between electric carmaker Tesla Motors and Connecticut auto dealers to see if they can finally reach a compromise allowing Tesla to sell its vehicles directly to consumers. 

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The electric car company Tesla plans to open a new service center on a vacant commercial plot in Smithtown.

It’s part of the effort by the company to expand its footprint on Long Island. There is currently a service center in Syosset, a sales center in Manhasset, and two galleries in Huntington Station and East Hampton.

Tesla uses direct sales instead of independent car dealers. Under New York State law, it can own and operate no more than five stores in the state.

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Tesla is hoping its fourth try is the charm as it once again lobbies Connecticut lawmakers to pass legislation that would allow it to sell its electric vehicles directly to consumers in the state. A key legislative committee heard testimony on the matter on Monday.

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Most people these days know the name Tesla as an electric car. Tesla owner Elon Musk took that name to honor one of the world’s greatest inventors, Nikola Tesla.

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The electric car company Tesla has convinced a handful of prime states, including Massachusetts and New York, to exempt it from laws that require car companies to sell through dealerships.