New England

California Wildfire Smoke Reaching New England

Aug 27, 2018
Cal Fire via AP

Smoke from California wildfires that's shrouding skies there is reaching all the way to parts of New England.

Andy Edman, with the science and technology infusion division at the National Weather Service, said, "Fires in California can have an impact in the Midwest, can have an impact in the East Coast. When you look up, there's contributions coming from all over the U.S. in the skies that you see."

Courtesy of Pixabay

new study says rural residents in the Northeast spend more of their income on energy than almost anywhere else in the country.

CTrail / Facebook

This week the new Hartford Line commuter rail will link Springfield, Massachusetts, to New Haven, Connecticut, and cities in between. For less than $16, commuters can catch more than 12 trains each day and travel speeds up to 110 miles an hour.

Cassandra Basler / WSHU

A basic cooking technique that’s described in one of Europe’s oldest cookbooks has become the “secret sauce” to Latin American and Puerto Rican cuisine. It’s called sofrito and it’s the flavorful base for traditional Christmas dishes like Roasted Pork Pernil and rice and chicken. WSHU’s Cassandra Basler visited a family in New Haven that supplies the fresh blend of veggies, oil, herbs and spices to New England. 

Windfarm An Unlikely Tourist Attraction On Block Island

Dec 14, 2017
Michael Dwyer / AP

The nation’s first offshore wind farm on Block Island celebrated its one-year anniversary this week. And tourism on the Island is up…because of the wind turbines.