Long Island

Debora Cartagena / Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Nassau County Police say that Massapequa has turned into an opioid “hotspot,” and they warn about a possible bad batch of heroin.

Courtesy of the Montaukett Indian Nation

A Long Island Native American Tribe could soon be officially recognized.

The New York State Legislature voted almost unanimously to acknowledge the Montaukett Indians.

The State Assembly voted 137-1, while the Senate approved the measure 61-0.

Once Governor Cuomo signs the legislation, the tribe’s recognition will be immediate.

In 2017, Cuomo vetoed recognition of the Montauketts, but the tribe has been working with the governor’s office since then to address his concerns.

The Montaukett Tribe was declared extinct in a 1910 court decision.

Courtesy of Pixabay

Groundwater tests at a Noyack sand mine and mulch facility have found elevated levels of two metals at the site.

The tests by the Suffolk County Department of Health Services at the Sand Land Mine found 200 times the acceptable level of manganese in the groundwater, and 100 times the acceptable level of iron.

It also found elevated levels of sodium, thallium, nitrate, and ammonia.

The contaminants were found at a depth of 120 feet.

The report called for the mine to stop operations until mitigation plans are put in place.

Courtesy of Pexels

Sparklers are now illegal across Long Island this Fourth of July.

Both Nassau and Suffolk Counties passed laws this year that adds sparklers to the list of fireworks that are now illegal to use.

Using a sparkler in either county can result in a $500 fine. People selling sparklers face a $1,000 fine and 15 days in jail.

Public health officials say nearly all fireworks injuries to children under 4 are the result of burns from sparklers, the tips of which can reach 2,000 degrees.

Sparklers are also illegal in New York City and Westchester County.

N.Y. Department of Transportation

The Cuomo Administration has announced that it will not go forward with plans to build a tunnel or bridge to link Long Island and Westchester County.