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Scientists at Yale have given us the most detailed look yet at what happens to our brains during the crucial split second that we decide to pay attention to something. They say a wave of electricity engulfs our brains as we go from unconscious to aware.

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Connecticut public officials say that hospitalizations for the flu have been on the rise over the past five weeks.

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A new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that for every 1,000 Hispanic babies born in Connecticut, nearly seven do not live to their first birthday. The national average for infant mortality is 4.9.

Marc Camardo, who works for the Connecticut Department of Public Health, says the disparity is no surprise.

“It’s very unfortunate. When looking at the data over a five-year period, we have seen that this trend is consistent.”

Camardo says socio-economic factors impact the infant mortality gap between white women and women of color.

Facing the death of a loved one is heartbreaking. Managing their care as they pass can be overwhelming. Often families don’t even know how to begin talking about end-of-life care.  

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A Long Island couple has been fighting a personal battle for over a decade after their son was diagnosed with a rare, incurable autoimmune disease known as APS Type 1.