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Leading Our Cities In 2019

2 hours ago
Courtesy of the Offices of Mayor Harp and Mayor Martin

Every town and city in our region has its own unique set of issues. Everyday officials must make important decisions on housing, taxes, education, crime and more. And those decisions affect our lives. Today Ron speaks with civic leaders about the issues facing their communities. Our guests:

  • Toni Harp, New Haven mayor
  • David Martin, Stamford mayor
  • Martin Cantor, director of the Long Island Center for Socioeconomic Policy and a former Suffolk County economic development commissioner

The Age Of Anxiety

Jan 14, 2019
Courtesy of Pixabay

Teens are dealing with a lot of anxiety these days. They’re under pressure to excel in school, get into a good college, navigate social media and cope with very serious issues like mass gun violence. Ron talks with two therapists who specialize in treating teen anxiety. And we’ll also hear from one young woman who has learned how to deal with her worries. Today’s guests:

Reining In Prescription Drug Costs

Jan 11, 2019
Elise Amendola / AP

Why do certain prescriptions cost so much? Are we getting ripped off? What can governments do to prevent price gouging? Today on The Full Story, Ron explores the costs of prescription drugs and what can be done to make them more affordable. Our guests:

Getting By In The Millennial Economy

Jan 10, 2019
Bill Barrow / AP

What does the economy look like for a millennial? This generation is dealing with a lot of financial challenges that didn’t exist for baby boomers. Ron speaks to Martin Cantor, director of the Long Island Center for socioeconomic policy and former Suffolk County Economic Development commissioner, Cathy Koch from Ernst & Young, and to millennials to find out the fiscal issues that are on their minds, including finding jobs, accessing affordable health insurance and paying off student loans. 

2019 Connecticut Legislative Preview

Jan 9, 2019
Johnathon Henninger

Today the Connecticut General Assembly begins its 2019 legislative session. The state now has a new Democratic governor and Democratic majorities in both the House and Senate. And they have a full agenda including fixing the deficit, tolls, legalizing marijuana and paid family leave. Ron speaks with lawmakers and journalists to find out how the state will take on these issues. Today’s guests: