Courtesy of Friends of Hempstead Plains at Nassau Community College, Inc.

Volunteers will work later this week to clean up the Purcell Preserve, one of the last remaining pieces of the Hempstead Plains in Nassau County.

Ed Suominen / Creative Commons

A Malloy administration energy bill aimed at making it more cost effective for Connecticut homeowners to install solar panels on their rooftops won the approval of a key state legislative committee on Thursday.

The Turducken / Flickr

New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman has filed a lawsuit against a Long Island resident for excavating land without permission in a protected part of the Central Pine Barrens.

Long Island Foresters Outwit Ravenous Pine Beetles

Mar 20, 2018
Frank Eltman / AP

Since 2014, New York’s Department of Environmental Conservation has been at war with the southern pine beetle. The bugs come from states like Alabama and Georgia, and they live off of pitch pines, the signature species of Long Island’s Pine Barrens.

John Christoffersen / AP

Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy is pushing for an environmental package he says will combat the effects of climate change.