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Police say a Westport high school student has been placed him into custody after threatening to shoot a teacher.

Westport police say they were called to Staples High School at around 9 a.m. Tuesday. School officials told the officers a student was overheard making threats.

Police interviewing the student confirmed he "did have thoughts to execute a mass shooting." Police didn't identify the student, who they say is being evaluated a medical facility.

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The head of the state’s largest teachers’ union says arming teachers won’t make schools safer, but he says schools should have more protection.

Long Island School Buses Go Electric

Feb 26, 2018
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The EPA has awarded a federal grant to replace or retrofit diesel school buses with all-electric versions on Long Island.

The $246,000 award will help reduce air pollution in Suffolk and Nassau Counties.

The National School Transportation Association will distribute the money, but there is no word yet on how the funds will be distributed.

Diesel exhaust can worsen heart conditions and lead to asthma and respiratory illnesses, especially in children and the elderly.

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Seven African-American and Hispanic families filed a civil rights lawsuit against Connecticut and Hartford officials on Thursday. The families are challenging race-based student quotas at the city's magnet schools, saying hundreds of seats in the schools are unfilled because of a complicated formula imposed on the city,  following the landmark school desegregation case Sheff v. O’Neill.  

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The Southampton School Board has voted to adopt a school calendar that acknowledges Indigenous Peoples Day instead of Columbus Day.