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Democratic candidate for governor and actor Cynthia Nixon came to the Capitol to talk about the need for more education aid and what she says is Governor Cuomo’s failings in that policy area. Meanwhile, Cuomo’s campaign says it’s Nixon who is being inconsistent.

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Connecticut law students studying under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, or DACA, are asking state superior judges to let them take the bar exam.

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Vivett Dukes always knew the importance of education, even from a young age. “My mother said you have two strikes against you: you’re black, and you’re a girl. [But] education is the one thing no one can dispute.”

Sacred Heart University

Connecticut’s economy is anything but boring. Revenue streams are fluctuating with a very volatile stock market. Last month the state was facing a $200 million deficit for this fiscal year. Now, state officials say, much to their surprise, there’s a $1 billion surplus.   

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A bill before the Connecticut House of Representatives would allow school districts to share resources to help students who’ve fled Puerto Rico because of hurricane damage. The bill passed the Senate on Friday.