Dannel Malloy

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Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy's last batch of 30 superior court judge nominees won approval in the state General Assembly’s Judiciary Committee on Monday. But some lawmaker’s say confirmation of the judges by the full House and Senate might depend on whether they can find the money to pay the judges.

State of Connecticut Judicial Branch

The first African-American nominated to lead Connecticut’s highest court won unanimous approval in the General Assembly’s Judiciary Committee Monday night.

Associate Justice Richard Robinson received praise from the committee, with a top Republican saying he will "be fabulous" in his elevated post.

Robinson was asked repeatedly about how he'd make the judicial system fairer to minority citizens.

He currently chairs a committee that focuses on diversity training in the courts and assured lawmakers "the buck will stop with me."

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The Connecticut General Assembly is scheduled to hold hearings on Monday on the last set of judicial nominees submitted by outgoing Governor Dannel Malloy, but there might be a hiccup at the hearings.

Jessica Hill / AP

Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy is standing behind the State’s controversial financial bailout of Hartford, following complaints from other cities and some state lawmakers that the deal is too generous.

State of Connecticut Judicial Branch

On Thursday Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy announced his nomination of Richard Robinson for chief justice of the Connecticut Supreme Court. The 60-year old is currently an associate justice on the Court.

If confirmed by the legislature, Robinson who is a Stamford native, would be the first African-American to hold the top job in Connecticut’s judicial branch.