Book Review

Book Review: In Paradise

May 30, 2014

Connecticut and Long Island have been home to some world-renowned figures. Arts critic Joan Baum has this review of a book by one of them...a man who was co-founder of The Paris Review, a political activist, Zen teacher and National Book Award winner for both fiction and non-fiction.

Arts critic Joan Baum has a review of a thriller that brings together a lot of events and places in the New York-Connecticut region.

There are books of fiction and books of non-fiction. Arts critic Joan Baum has this review of a book that started off as non-fiction, and then the author used his imagination.

A book about an American who moves to Rwanda to help the nation improve the economy and health care has lessons about recovery and sustainability. It also has lessons about opening a restaurant in Kigali.

Author Larry Tye is not the first person to write about what the popularity of Superman means about our culture. But as Joan Baum says in this review of Tye’s book, there’s always more to learn about Superman’s abiding power.