Wyandanch School District Facing $3.3 Million Budget Deficit

Dec 6, 2018

A struggling Long Island school district is facing an unexpected $3.3 million budget deficit.

A recent financial audit of the Wyandanch School District showed overspending and overestimating of revenue. Nearly 3,000 students attend school in the district, which has an annual budget of $71.3 million.

Nathan Jackson, a district spokesperson, said the board was misled to believe that their finances were better than they actually were by a district business official who resigned earlier this year.

“We didn’t have the money, there were bills that weren’t paid, there were state funds we assumed that were coming and we didn’t get those.”

Jackson said dealing with the deficit could mean raising taxes or reducing elective courses and sports programs or negotiating with employee unions.

The school is also looking to apply for emergency funds from New York State.